Put your phone on your forehead and play


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Heads Up! is a simple but fun game popularized by the US talk show host Ellen Degeneres. In it one player has to hold the phone up to his forehead while the others try to give clues about the character/accessory/animal/thing that appears on the screen.

One cool thing about Heads Up! is that players can play either with a single friend or with a big group of friends simultaneously. The idea is always the same: to help the player with the phone on his forehead guess what's being displayed.

By default, Heads Up! comes with six free categories, each with quite a few cards. Some of these categories include celebrities, movies, accents, and animals.

Heads Up! is a typical party game that will excite everyone. One of those very simple and somewhat silly games that get a lot of laughs.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher